Site Design with Word Press

Today I have decided to start redesigning my site using Word Press. I have previously used Drupal, although mostly as a testing platform. I like WordPress because I think a blog format for my new site design makes the most sense and will allow me to easily update everything in one place.

One of my main goals in a new design is to integrate my exhibitions, images and documentation so that it is all easily accessible in multiple formats. I plan to have a PDF printable version of my CV page, as well as all of my documentation. I have already found that integrating WP plug-ins to be very enjoyable and productive. If you are viewing this on an iPhone, I have implemented the WPTouch plugin so that the page works like an iPhone App.

As I progress, I will talk about what I have done to create the design.

Pinnacle Magazine Cover

Cover for Pinnacle Magazine 2008
Cover for Pinnacle Magazine 2008

This cover was designed for Pinnacle Magazine, published by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Colorado Denver.

Realtor Mediated Energy Efficiency

Co-PI on a $48K Seed Grant Request submitted by Prof. Anu Rawaswami and awarded by the Denver Department of Environmental Health to develop and evaluate a delivery model for realtor-mediated energy efficiency retrofits offered at the time of sale.

My contribution was in the area of communications and marketing to realtors during the real estate transaction to see if energy-saving retrofits could be negotiated during the sale, leading to increased efficiencies and more sustainable homes in the Denver region. The study published based on this work is titled Social Actors, Participation Rates and Carbon Footprint Mitigation in US Cities: Case Study of Denver, CO.

Curator’s Incubator

The six artists included in anti-matter: recontextualizing the material all use materials in an individualistic way that emphasizes process, instability and familiarity. The incorporation of high and low materials by artists represents a shift in attitudes towards the conventional that is culturally significant and personal at the same time. The work of Suzanna Fields, Helen Frederick, Alberto Gaitan, Morgan Kennedy, Susan Noyes and Jennie Thwing are representative of how artists are searching for new interpretations and meanings from common materials. Through recombinant technology, whether digitally based or not, these artists reflect a yearning for familiar ground in a changing landscape.

Essay for the catalogue, co-authored by Susan Serafin and Bryan Leister